BIOKAP offers the participants a number of advantages:

  1. Some analysis-information will be made available, which will give more insight than can be obtained from their own data. On a year-by-year basis, selected laboratories will contribute between 1,500 and 2,000 analysis results from the participating companies. Participants will receive information about the substances found combined with their origin and the certifying agent. The participants will be able to exchange information via an intranet system such as rapid alert.
  2. The new EU regulation will increasingly focus on risk-oriented inspection and monitoring of the internal quality systems of companies. Dutch trading and processing companies that do not participate in BIOKAP can therefore expect more thorough inspections from Stichting Skal.
  3. Support by VBP, Stichting Skal and the Ministry Economic Affairs, Nature Management and Food Quality when requesting explanations from suppliers, certifying agents and government authorities about the prevention of excessive residue levels in products from abroad.
  4. An improved image for each individual company that participates in this quality system, because the company takes even more responsibility for joint quality assurance.
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