Biokap starts with the project Organic Quality Assurance

Biokap has started with the project Organic Quality Assurance. The aim of the project is to develop a common Quality Management Guideline specific for the organic sector. In this guideline for trading and processing, specific organic ccp's and the measures to be taken to reduce risks are included with specification to the main type of business.

In this project there will be a close cooperation with AOEL and Hamburger Warenverein.

IFOAM EU introduces guidelines for pesticide residue contaminations

Brussels 04/10/2011 - The IFOAM EU Group has published the first edition of the “Guideline for Pesticide Residue Contaminations for International Trade in Organic”. The guideline provides strong support for organic trading and processing companies on how to deal with this difficult topic. More importantly it provides a practical approach that companies can use to help them in the communication with their suppliers and clients.  


Harmonization residue-approach on EU-level needed

flagsThe results of the Dutch quality and residue-monitoring system BIOKAP in 2009 show that residue contamination is a serious harmonization topic for the organic sector in and outside the EU. The good news is that 81,2% of all analyses are absolutely free of residuecontaminations. This means 18,8% show values above the detection-limit. Of the total amount of 901 analyses 2,9% contains residues above the action-value. This is more or less in line with the Öko-monitoring of the Baden-Wurtemberg.


BIOKAP launch

handBIOKAP was launched in 2008. The analysis data from the eleven participating companies will be entered into the system from November 2008 onwards.

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